Neale’s Sweet N Nice | Premium Caribbean Ice Cream | FAQ’s


  1. **When do orders ship?**

   - *Answer:* We ship out weekly, and if you place your order by Sunday, you should receive it by Thursday or Friday of the same week.

  1. **Can I reschedule my shipment days?**

   - *Answer:* Yes, you can! Feel free to reschedule to Tuesday or Wednesday for a the following week. Just email us at to make the change.

  1. **Can I change the flavors in my box?**

   - *Answer:* Our subscription box comes with a delightful set of all seven flavors. It's pre-fixed and pre-fee, so the flavors are fixed, ensuring you get a taste of all our delicious options.

  1. **Can I change my address?**

   - *Answer:* Absolutely! Just shoot us an email at, and we'll help you update your shipping details.

  1. **How do you handle frozen treats during shipping?**

   - *Answer:* We take the utmost care! Your ice cream is shipped frozen with dry ice and ice packs to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Once it arrives, pop it in the freezer for the best taste.

  1. **What if I have food safety concerns?**

   - *Answer:* Your well-being is our top priority. We adhere to the highest standards of food safety policies and procedures to ensure you enjoy our ice cream with complete confidence.

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